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Fella Hame Lips Episode 1

Fella Hame Lips Episode 1

College guy set in a possibly near future where onaholes are sentient programmable android girls (which we’re not in yet) goes out to buy one for himself (which most of us probably won’t be able to do if ever). That’s pretty much it for the basic premise for this short yet enjoyable enough adaptation. It’s pretty vanilla so don’t go around expecting too much in terms of scenes but expect them to be well animated since the guys over at EDGE handled this one. Now onto the other stuff,

The good:

* The premise. I wouldn’t say it’s anything too special or unique but it’s interesting enough and kinda intrigues you on how this could all be possible in the next couple decades or so which is pretty cool.

* The characters and interactions. There were only 3 characters shown in the entirety of the first episode and one of them is just the shopkeeper, but the main dude and onahole android girl are both pretty chill and cool enough to keep it nice. The programming error bit also makes for a nice turnout in terms of personality for the onahole android girl which I ended up liking and enjoying.

* The art and animation. I’d say it’s what you expect from the dudes at EDGE studios, if you dont like their other works in terms of animation i’d say its not too different but if you do like them then you’d probably enjoy it like I did.

* This one small bit they added. It’s when onahole android girl asks the dude to put on the headphones. Nothing too special but I thought it was pretty neat.

The bad:

* It’s a bit too short. So far that’s the only thing I can say against it but that doesn’t necessarily mean its a bad thing. For the 16 minutes it has, I’d say theres a good enough amount of action and everything in between to keep it nice. Hoping for more though.

Final verdict:

So for anyone who instantly got on the hype train for whatever reason, be it for the title, it’s relation to Fella Pure, it being another EDGE studio adaptation or whatever other reason, just make sure you’re ready and well-equipped for whatever it is the train actually leads to. Admittedly I am one of the dudes who jumped quickly on the hype train as soon as it was announced, mainly because it’s another EDGE studio adaptation which I’m quite a bit of a fan of and I’d just like to say that as a dude who hyped himself for a lot of things only to end up dissapointed, i’d say this one didn’t dissapoint me but I wouldn’t say it lived up to the hype i built up for the months before its release anyway.

It’s only 16 minutes long so I’d definitely recommend you to at least give it a shot when you have the time, keeping in mind that its purely vanilla so if you’re looking for more out-of-the-usual stuff then you can probably sit this one out. Its short and enjoyable enough for what it is for me and that’s all that matters for me. But anyway, stay classy my dudes.

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