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Fella Hame Lips Episode 2

Fella Hame Lips Episode 2

All good porn needs a hook. Your studio wants to appeal to at least some fetishists out there, to sell your DVDs. So you make special fetish content, like futa, interracial, femdom, trap, urination, etc. Sometimes the kink the studio features in their works isn’t even the main theme. Examples include high socks, or yoga pants. It’s part of the porn itself, but isn’t necessarily the main focus. A curvy Amazonian goddess can be wearing high socks, but it doesn’t specifically focus on the feet, ya dig?

The basic premise of Fella Hame Lips is that onahole technology has become so advanced that, that onaholes are now indistinguishable from human women. Sextoys replacing women is a fucking neat idea. Normally in hentai these scenarios are played with the classic combination of aphrodisiacs and mind-break, injected in the wriggling, helpless bodies of unwilling girls to, to make them crave for the cock like their lives depend on it. But that’s been done to death, and thankfully not every Japanese artist is so culturally cucked in their creativity, that they won’t try new strokes on the canvas.

The episode is some fine fap fodder. However, because this OVA spends so much time explaining the world and the technicalities that enable its premise, I feel like it doesn’t go far enough exploring its concept. Fella Hame Lips does a lot in its first episode, but the content is barely comparable to the lengths that the doujin goes. The doujin is a much larger collection of fappable shit. I know, they needed to give exposition. However, I truly hope there are a few more episodes to be released by EDGE so they can really get into the other, more exotic scenes from the doujin.

The human onahole aspect does provide an interesting dynamic to the sex. The OVA focuses primarily on blowjobs and deepthroat. Fella Hame Lips takes a solid 5 minutes to hit the actual porn sequences, leaving only around 10 minutes of actual fappable content, but it does use its time efficiently. Others might argue that a 16 minute OVA with only 10 minutes of actual porn is a bad ratio, but I think it can be overlooked because of how necessary the exposition is. It would definitely streamline the process if the experience if they released another episode, where everything is established and the fucking can ensue unrestrained.

The art of Fella Hame Lips has is nice to look at, but rather basic in its shading and coloring. Of course I can appreciate the effort that went into creating an entire animation project, shit’s hard as fuck. But still, colors don’t particularly stand out, lines and shadows aren’t dark enough, it all comes off very flat.

The sound design is alright, with a tasty pop guitar jam in the beginning that descends into background music clips that are forgettable but necessary. Sex sounds are on par with other OVAs I’ve watched. The fucking sounds like a dildo used on jello, which is par the course for hentai. The voice acting for our living onahole is quite satisfying, both in her vocal mannerisms and performance. She chokes on a dick and sounds like it.

Animation wise its fluid and serves its purpose. There are no jerky movements or an absence of frames to give the appearance of movement, they put the effort into showing a censored dick moving in and out of a mouth.

The sex is animated like you’d expect, drool and saliva dripping everywhere. The woman’s tongue and vagina are bigger and more pronounced than what’s real, to encourage a meaty dick to enter. The sex loops make for great gif material to spread around the web.

If I had to use one word to describe Fella Hame Lips, it would be “standard” (with exception to the story, of course). All the effort went into making the doujin’s plot a reality, otherwise everything falls in line with other OVAs released this year.

I did enjoy this title, and while there were some shortcomings with the drawing style it’s easy to overlook because of the context. The true gold here is the story, and it’s a really nice change to see some innovation in the hentai industry past simple aphrodisiac induced cock lust, the basic public gang rapes and humiliation.

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